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Nowadays, it is essential to have a good educational base, and acquire the right knowledge, in order to develop your own potential in the right way, and use the power of the different tools that are available on the web. Unfortunately, too many people start from the wrong basis, using the online training distributed and provided by people and companies who do not have the knowledge to do so.

So began the project of founding the non-profit organization “Nexleo Academy”, which provides quality online training to all the public, taking advantage of the experience and the numerous trainings of its director Ricardo Carvalho, to provide simple, professional and effective training, mainly on the wide range of tools distributed by the Google company.

With a solid training of Google tools, you get the necessary knowledge of the tools that will facilitate the evolution of your career in the digital field, and bring a solid foundation for the development of your business.

Google Workspace

The power of Google Workspace is endless, from tools that make it easy to manage your email and calendar to more advanced tools like full project management.

Google Cloud

The most powerful Cloud solution on the market, allowing the hosting of a simple static website, the development of a complete and structured application.

Google ADS

Google ADS provides the most varied advertising marketing tools, allowing your projects to evolve quickly.
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