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Google Certified Teacher & Trainer

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Hello, my name is Ricardo Carvalho. I’m a computer programmer and teacher. I started in the wonderful world of computing over 20 years ago, on a Commodore PET in Basic, followed by a Commodore 64, since then I haven’t stopped increasing my passion and knowledge in different computer sectors and languages. My most recent passion and devotion is for AI science.

Today my goal is to share with you, some of my knowledge and experience, acquired over these years. And above all, to share with you the wonderful tools that Google has brought to the world of computing and web.


Google Workspace
Google Cloud Infrastructure
Marketing Digital
Google SEO
Google IT Automation
Google ADS


available courses

Nexleo Academy is a non-profit organization, which offers basic trainings in the use of Google tools, in the field of marketing and digital strategy, as well as the creation of websites with the most popular CMS. 

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